Flavia Liz’s work as a Personal Guide starts out in her first contact with the visitor, when she learns his or hers interests and objectives. She is used to demanding clients, therefore always up to date with the newest trends of the city, presenting the multiple facets of São Paulo by spicing it up with expertise the characteristics of the city: sophistication and culture, pleasure and economic power. The itineraries are set up according to the time, objectives and interests of each one of her clients. They can be for foreign or Brazilian visitors, and can be in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, German and French and the duration varies, being of at least 4 hours during the week and 3 hours during the weekends or holidays, when there is less traffic. On the day and time planned, the client is picked up and returned to the address of choice, with door to door service.

The tours are informal, most of them done in Flavia Liz’s own car, a 4-door sedan, equipped with air conditioning, automatic windows and driven by her – a great driver. The sensation is one of enjoyment as you go for a drive in the company of a friend that shows you around the city she lives in and reveals its exclusive spots, tells you the most interesting stories and shares anything else that is incredible to see and learn about.

Other than her love for São Paulo, Flavia Liz has offered to her special visitors and tourists, such an experience that leaves them with the best memories of the city and the certainty that they savored something extremely wonderful.

© Flavia Liz Di Paolo