The participants have access to significant contents, which bring about an understanding of tourism equipment, collections of the most important museums in São Paulo, comprehension of the different profiles of visitors and understanding of the concept of luxury tourism. The learning allows a fresh understanding of objectives and desires, enabling an assertive and remarkable relationship with their clients.

Recommended for concierges, receptionists, marketing and sales employees of hotels, luxury tourism agencies and operators and transport companies working with executive cars, vans, microbuses and buses.

Minimum hours of lessons are 5h of practice and 3h of theoretical content.

Lectures focused on the essence of luxury tourism in São Paulo, addressing topics such as architecture, design, fashion, graffiti, favela, gastronomy and contemporary art, among others. They allow the participants to gain a unique perspective through values, feelings and knowledge.

Recommended for audiences interested in culture and the luxury market.

3h duration.

Exclusive consulting made to measure for each case; specialized in luxury tourism and the tourism potential of the city of São Paulo. Offers specific knowledge that generates and enhances the understanding of the luxury market and its audience.

Recommended for organizational structures of all sizes related to tourism in the city of São Paulo, which seek to optimize the understanding and delivery of services to the luxury market.

1h30 minimum duration.

Private or group lessons in professional education and development, designed to bring about an understanding of the beauty of the history of São Paulo and general culture with topics that include architecture, design, fashion, graffiti, favela and contemporary art, among others.

Recommended for audiences interested in acquiring and enhancing knowledge of the city of São Paulo.

1h minimum duration.

Customized cultural itineraries, guided by Flavia Liz Di Paolo, a specialist in experiential tourism in the city of São Paulo. They offer the participants contact with the less publicized facet of the city, prompting a surprised and delighted reaction to the financial capital of Latin America. They can be made on foot, by subway train, bicycle, executive car, armored car, helicopter, van, microbus or bus.

Recommended for visitors and local inhabitants who wish to have an unforgettable experience and to sharpen their awareness of cultural and historical aspects of São Paulo.

4h minimum duration.

Development of customized content, focused on the luxury market, for printed, digital and audiovisual publications, such as newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, TVs and special events.

Recommended for organizations with a demand for differentiated material, which wish to build a closer relationship with specific audiences.

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