São Paulo Without São Paulo [São Paulo: Ari Baltazar (Banda 365)] Loneliness is my owner Even with every flaw [São Paulo: Tom Zé] A carry you inside my chest. São, São Paulo / My love I love São Paulo [Porque Amo São Paulo: Nelson Gonçalves e David Nasser] From the red and good soil São Paulo in just a minute [Perfil de São Paulo: Bezerra de Menezes] It's Brás, Tietê, overpass. Flower stands / And the masses I am flowing over Anhangabaú [Só Vejo Azul: Rita Lee e Itamar Assumpção] Above the 'Tea Overpass', I'm suspended, free in the air Lots of Italians, Syrians and Japanese [Capital do Tempo: Billy Blanco] Other than Africans, Native Indians and Portuguese In the city of São Paulo [Lá Vou Eu: Rita Lee] Love is as unpredictable as you And I / And the sky [Paulista: E. Gudin e Costa Netto] On the Paulista The lights will soon turn green [Viaduto Santa Efigênia: Adoniran Barbosa] Come see Eugênia How it turned out well The Santa Efigênia Overpass [Sampa: Caetano Veloso] Something happens Only when crossing Ipiranga and São João Avenues in my heart

Capital of the State of São Paulo and main financial, corporate and mercantile center of Latin America.

With more than 12 million people, São Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil, in the Americas and in the whole Southern Hemisphere. It is also the wealthiest  city in the country.

It exerts strong international influences in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment.

Representing alone 12% of all Brazilian GDP,  São Paulo has the largest economy by GDP in Latin America and the Southeastern Hemisphere and the 11th largest GDP in the world.